MidPoint Studio

MidPoint studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) to develop solutions based on midPoint. The primary purpose of MidPoint Studio is to support process of creating, developing and maintaining midPoint configurations. However, there may be other advanced features in the futures, such as visualizations, configuration wizards and so on. The Studio is developed in the same iterative way as midPoint. It will be improved and extended as needed (and as the funding allows).

MidPoint Studio is built on top of open source IntelliJ platform that is the foundation of IntelliJ IDEA, a well-known IDE for Java developers. While IntelliJ IDEA has a commercial Ultimate Edition (which we recommend), there is also an open source Community Edition of the IDE, that is built on an open source platform. MidPoint Studio is a plug-in for IntelliJ platform that will work both in the Community and Ultimate editions of IntelliJ IDEA.

Screenshot - demonstration of MidPoint Studio with opened windows

Current Status

MidPoint Studio plugin is currently in beta stage. Only milestones and nightly builds are available. The first production-quality release is planned soon.

Please see Studio README file for the details.

Getting MidPoint Studio

MidPoint studio is distributed as IntelliJ IDEA plugin on JetBrains marketplace.

Only a milestone (beta quality) release is available now.

  1. Download and install IntelliJ IDEA. Both Community and Ultimate editions will work.

  2. Start IntelliJ IDEA

  3. Go to menu FileSettings (Preferences)PluginsManage plugin repositories

  4. Add repository https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/Milestone/list

  5. Go back to menu FileSettings (Preferences)Plugins

  6. Search for MidPoint Studio and click on Install

If you like to live on the edge, you can try nightly builds of Studio.

MidPoint Studio Usage

Source Code and Contributions

MidPoint Studio is licensed under the terms of Apache License. Source code is available at GitHub:

The community is more than welcome to submit contributions using the usual pull request mechanism. For contributions, please follow the code contribution guidelines.

Compatibility, Versioning and Releases

Studio is using the same versioning scheme as midPoint. Therefore, compatible version of Studio will have the same version as midPoint. Interim (milestone) releases of the Studio have a build number added to the version number after the dash.

Version Release date Release type Description


10 Nov 2020


Initial release. Beta quality. Released in order to gather community feedback.

It is quite likely newer Studio can be used to configure older midPoint releases, but there may be problems in case there are incompatible schema changes. This usually happens when major version of midPoint is released, therefore using Studio within the constraints of major midPoint releases should work well. However, this is all just "best effort" compatibility. Strict schema compatibility is not officially supported yet. It probably will not be supported until midPoint makes a complete switch to Axiom. When Studio does not work for older versions, use the matching version of Studio instead.

Community and Feedback

MidPoint mailing lists can be used to discuss the Studio and provide community feedback. The usual bug reporting procedure should be used to report studio issue. Please make sure to set the component field to Studio and include studio version number in the report.