Build and Release

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There are three types of Studio builds:

Build type Quality Description



Production-quality official releases.



Intended for testing, evaluation of new features, gathering of community feedback and so on.


varies, no guarantees

Development happens here. Latest functionality, but the code may break any time. Use at your own risk.

Adding Plugin Repository

Custom repository needs to be added to use nightly or milestone builds:

  1. Go to menu FileSettings (Preferences)PluginsManage plugin repositories

  2. Add repository:

  3. Search for MidPoint Studio and click on Install

Release Procedure

  1. update studio-idea-plugin/src/main/resources/META-INF/plugin.xml

    1. edit description if needed

    2. update change-notes, add release description

  2. make sure studio-idea-plugin/build.gradle contains proper since/until build compatiblity values

  3. align git branches nightly → milestone → stable

    1. all branches up to released one shouldn’t contain any differences

  4. in project run ./gradlew clean buildPlugin runPluginVerifier

    1. check validation results in studio-idea-plugin/build/reports/pluginVerifier/*/report.html

  5. execute jenkins job midpoint-studio-release with PUBLISH=true and proper release branch

    1. jenkins will create and publish all necessary branches up to released one

    2. go to

      • validate published plugins/versions

    3. go to

      • validate created git tags for each published build

    4. notifications from Jetbrains Marketplace will be send after:

      1. plugin was uploaded

      2. plugin compatibility was checked

      3. plugin was approved

  6. on master branch update plugin version in build.gradle and change notes in plugin.xml


  1. in case build wasn’t correct but plugin was published to JetBrains Marketplace

    1. go to

    2. find plugin version you want to hide/delete and click Hide update or Remove update icon

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