Last modified 14 Mar 2022 10:42 +01:00

Limitations based on/compared to Eclipse plugin:

  • Reviewed, not used Server log

    • Show log in console

    • Show log in viewer

    • Analyze prism structure

  • Reviewed, not used Actions

    • File for action 1,2,3


  • MID-3386 XML diff, compare remote with local.

  • MID-6538 Resource connectorConfiguration element autocompletion/hints/documentaion.

  • MID-6755 UTF8/Windows1250 encoding issue on windows. This is an issue in midpoint infra libraries, they assume UTF8 everywhere. Intellij Idea on windows by default sets -Dfile.encoding=windows-1250. Workaround mentioned in docs.

  • MID-6728 Direct bulk action execution. Bulk action can still be executed when wrapped as task