MidPoint as CAS Client (Java Jasig CAS Client libraries)

Last modified 27 Oct 2021 10:53 +02:00
This functionality is obsolete. It is no longer supported or maintained.
Unofficial functionality

This functionality requires modification of midPoint build, or even modification of midPoint source code. Therefore it is not officially supported - unless the support is explicitly negotiated in subscription.
The real solution to this problem would be Flexible Authentication. MidPoint platform subscription could be used to fund improvements in midPoint authentication mechanisms.

CAS Client integration is available from revision v3.2devel-12-g06fc76c

The following steps are tested with Tomcat 7, JDK 7, CAS 4.x and CAS Client 3.3.3. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with these versions.

MidPoint is able to be a part of CAS SSO solution. Configuration for integrating midPoint with CAS using CAS Client libraries is prepared and can be found directly in the midPoint’s configuration files. There are three possible places, where you can modify the files:

  • admin-gui component (when working with midPoint sources)

  • midpoint.war (when modifying downloaded/built WAR file)

  • midPoint’s WEB-INF subdirectory (when modifying already deployed midPoint configuration)

The files to be modified are:

  • web.xml

  • ctx-web-security.xml

  • pom.xml (only in admin-gui component when building from sources).

If you are not building midPoint with the CAS configuration (pom.xml), you need to put CAS libraries to WEB-INF/lib folder :


By default, this configuration is disabled and the standard authentication mechanism is used. For enabling CAS SSO integration please do following steps.


In the pom.xml (admin-gui component) find and uncomment following

<!-- SSO CAS Client dependencies -->

This will add Java CAS Client libraries needed for the CAS integration to the midPoint. Or you can also put the libraries directly to the midPoint’s "WEB-INF/lib" folder if you work with already built/deployed midPoint.


Find ctx-web-security.xml (admin-gui component) and follow instruction for enabling CAS SSO integration:

  • add entry-point-ref="casEntryPoint" between <http and create-session="never"

If you work with already built/deployed midPoint, the file the ctx-web-security.xml can be found in the WEB-INF subdirectory.


Enable Single Logout - in the web.xml find and uncomment following


You can also do it after midPoint has been deployed. In this case, web.xml can be found in the WEB-INF subdirectory.

After these steps you need to deploy new midPoint.war or restart the server.

Single Log Out

Instructions below address following cases:

  1. How to issue logout on CAS server side, when user logouts of midPoint (typically by pressing Log Out button)

    • thus logging user out of all applications managed by CAS server → Single Log Out.

  2. How to get back to midPoint after logging out of CAS server

    • in the end, user will face CAS server login screen,

    • with redirect to midPoint after successfull authentization┼»

1. midPoint logout → CAS logout

LogoutHandler needs to be modified.

Simply point defaultTargetUrl to https://CASSERVER/cas/logout as following (where CASSERVER is real URL of CAS server):

<beans:bean id="logoutHandler" class="com.evolveum.midpoint.web.security.AuditedLogoutHandler">
    <beans:property name="defaultTargetUrl" value="https://CASSERVER/cas/logout"/>

2. CAS logout → midPoint app

Two things has to happen.

  • First, CAS server needs to be configured to use "service" parameter on logout action,

  • and second "service" parameter needs to be added to defaultTargetUrl.

How to configure logout action of CAS server: see Apereo wiki + technical background.

Example of logoutHandler for cas server on foo.com and midPoint on xyz.com:

<beans:bean id="logoutHandler" class="com.evolveum.midpoint.web.security.AuditedLogoutHandler">
    <beans:property name="defaultTargetUrl" value="https://foo.com/cas/logout?service=https%3A%2F%2Fxyz.com%2Fmidpoint"/>


Java PKIX path building error

You must have the CA Certificate for the CAS server in midpoints keystore file, not in the Java keystore file.

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