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Here we describe the definition of distribution for activities.

Not all of these options are supported for all activities! Worker threads are supported only by activities marked as multi-thread-capable. Buckets, worker tasks, and auto-scaling are supported only by activities marked as multi-node-capable. The list of activities with these attributes is here.

The following configuration options are available:

Item Meaning Default


Division of the item set into separately processable units, so-called buckets. This is to allow their processing by multiple tasks concurrently. (These are called worker tasks.) Supported by activities marked as multi-node-capable.

All items in a single bucket.


Definition of how worker tasks should be created. Supported by activities marked as multi-node-capable.

All items are processed by a single task.


After obtaining items to be processed, each (worker) task can distribute them to multiple worker threads for processing. This property defines their number. Supported by activities marked as multi-threading-capable.

All items are processing by a single thread.


If present, the activity is executed in a specially-created subtask, devoted to their execution. This is not normally needed, except for these reasons: (1) Visibility: there are task-specific counters (e.g. related to environmental performance or internal midPoint performance) that can be useful to be viewed separately for a given activity. (2) Concurrent execution: if multiple activities are needed to run concurrently, they should be placed into distinct tasks.

No subtask for the activity.


Applicable to composite activities only. If present, all the sub-activities will be executed in separate subtasks.

No subtasks for the sub-activities.


Whether should this activity work distribution be auto-scaled.

No auto-scaling.


Here will be a description of bucketing. For the time being, please refer to an older description.


Currently the auto-scaling configuration is very simple:

Item Meaning Default


Is autoscaling enabled for this activity?

true if the autoscaling configuration exists, false otherwise. (Note that this may change in the future.)

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