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Last modified 23 Feb 2024 21:00 +01:00

Download distribution is simple step that helps you download specific version of distribution of midPoint. Midpoint distribution is downloaded from

By default, next version of midPoint is downloaded based on current version. E.g. for feature release 4.7.1, next version is 4.8 and for LTS upgrade from 4.4.6 ninja will download 4.8 as well.

Version which should be downloaded can be specified using --distribution-version option. Use latest to specify latest build to be downloaded (at the time of writing it’s 4.8-SNAPSHOT).

User can also provide custom build downloaded or built separately (e.g. using maven overlay) using switch --distribution-archive <PATH_TO_ZIP>. This switch is useful mainly in compound command upgrade-distribution where user can use distribution located on filesystem without need to download it.

Example of how to download distribution (default next version based on the current midPoint)
./bin/ download-distribution \
  --temp-dir .upgrade \
  --distribution-directory .upgrade/new-distribution
Example on how to download specific version of distribution (latest snapshot)
./bin/ download-distribution \
  --temp-dir .upgrade \
  --distribution-directory .upgrade/latest-distribution \
  --distribution-version latest
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