Upgrade objects

Last modified 11 Mar 2024 15:39 +01:00

Command upgrade-objects can be used to upgrade objects to get rid of deprecated or obsolete data and configuration. This operation should be used with CSV output file from verify command. For more information about verification, see Verify.

Verification report should be reviewed before running upgrade command. It is important to understand what will be changed and how can it affect the system.

Only verification items with type = seamless will be updated. Scope of upgrade-objects command can be set in several ways:

  • by oid (--oid)

  • by type (-t, --type) and filter (-f, --filter)

This way it is possible to upgrade only specific objects. Verification items can be skipped also using last column in CSV file. Any of true, t, yes, y will tell ninja to skip the item.

Example of command that upgrades objects, also with
./bin/ninja.sh upgrade-objects \
  --verification-file verify-output.csv
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