Upgrade distribution

Last modified 11 Mar 2024 16:13 +01:00

Upgrade distribution command a composite command that will do multiple steps at once:

MidPoint has to be down before this command is executed.

Pre-upgrade check can be skipped if necessary using --skip-pre-check option. This might be useful for custom builds with DB schema version that doesn’t match proper version of relevant midPoint release.

Verification in step two will check for items with critical priority and stops upgrade if there are any. Although not recommended, verification step can be skipped by using --skip-verification option.

Download distribution step can be customized with option --distribution-version to download specific version of midPoint. To skip download altogether, ninja can be pointed to already downloaded archive using --distribution-archive option.

Upgrade DB schema will use run-sql command to upgrade DB schema using SQL scripts downloaded in previous steps.

Final step is upgrade installation that will update midPoint installation directory with new distribution. Backup of files can be created using --backup-midpoint-directory option. midpoint.home directory is not changed during this step.

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