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Reporting feature
This page is an introduction to Reporting midPoint feature. Please see the feature page for more details.


MidPoint contains a native reporting mechanism which is highly flexible and follows the same rules as other midPoint objects.

Each deployment has its own requirements on reporting, with midPoint we already prepared a large number of pre-configured reports from which you can choose. Also, there is a large number of places through the GUI where you are capable of creating a report from what you currently see on your screen. Alternatively both possibilities can be customized, or you can create your own custom report completely from scratch.

As in the case with a large portion of midPoint objects, reports can be customized via configuration. This is done either directly in the GUI or in case of some advanced scenarios by editing the raw report object definition.

How To Use Reports

As mentioned above there are multiple possibilities for the usage of reports. Either you can use the reports which are present in your midPoint instance out of the box. For an example of this please see this link.

You can execute a report in a couple of clicks from dedicated places in the GUI, as you can see in this example.

Or you can create your own report completely from scratch, or modify any existing one to serve your needs. A more in depth look regarding this is documented here.

Both cases work with a report definition, a sort of prescription how a report should look like, what should be present and from where we get the data.

The report it-self has to be generated. For this you need to specify the format of the generated file, and if you are confident with the report definition "run" the report.

Generating Reports

Current implementation supports exporting reports to CSV and HTML files, other formats such as XSLX are planned to be added later. The report is "run" or generated via an asynchronous task, which is automatically created by the "run" action.

Every report output is stored in export subdirectory in midpoint.home directory. It is also possible to send generated reports via email notifications.

For more information on export formats please have a look at this page.


MidPoint also contains a dynamic way how to present the same data which we can use in reports. This is done with customizable dashboards and dashboard widgets. Dashboard configuration has its own section in the midPoint documentation. For more information on customizable dashboards please have a look at this link.


This feature is related to the following compliance frameworks:

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