End User Tests

Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

Scenario 1 - Create user with End user role assigned


  1. Click Users → New user

  2. Set Name and Password (the first field and the second one) attributes

  3. Click → Save

  4. On the users list page, click on the link of newly created user to open Edit page

  5. Click menu icon in the Assignments section, select Assign role menu item

  6. In the opened Select object(s) window, select End user role, click Assign button

  7. Click Save button on the user’s Edit page


  • the role is assigned to user

  • message "Success" is shown

Scenario 2 - Log in to midPoint as user with End user role assigned


  1. On the login page, fill in Username and Password fields with user’s data from the previous scenario

  2. Click Sign in button


  • user is logged in. He has access only to Dashboard page

Scenario 3 - Reset password functionality test


  1. Log in to system as user created in Scenario 1

  2. Click on the user’s name link in the right upper corner to see user’s menu

  3. Select Reset password menu item

  4. Set values into Password fields

  5. Select MidPoint checkbox in the Accounts section

  6. Click Save

  7. Log out

  8. Try to log in to MidPoint as the same user but using new password value


  • User’s password is changed. User is logged in with new password