Organization Structure Tests

Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

Scenario 1 - Import organization structure from file test

  • Actions:*

    1. Click Configuration → Import object

    2. Select Overwrite existing object checkbox

    3. Select file to be imported (e.g. samples/resources/org/org-monkey-island-simple.xml)

    4. Click Import object button (Expected result: Success message appears after object importing)

    5. Open Users → Organization tree


  • Governor Office and Projects tabs are displayed on the Org. structure tree page.

Scenario 2 - Assign organization test

  • Actions:*

    1. Create test user

    2. On the User’s Details page, select Assign org. unit menu item in the Assignments section menu.

    3. In the opened Select object(s) window, select organization to be assigned to user.

    4. Click Assign


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