Look & Feel Customization HOWTO

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Since 4.6
This functionality is available since version 4.6.

Current MidPoint theme is based on AdminLTE template.

  • AdminLTE 3.2

  • Bootstrap 4.6

  • jQuery

  • Ace editor

  • other plugins

    • bootstrap-select

    • bootstrap-multiselect

    • daterangepicker

    • select2

Stylesheets and javascripts

Since midPoint 4.6, stylesheets can’t be changed without modifying source code of midpoint or using overlay.

Starting with midPoint 4.6 whole css/js processing has changed. In previous versions midPoint compiled all LESS and CSS files (sources + files from midpoint.home) during startup into final CSS files that were used to style web pages.

With midPoint 4.6 NodeJS and Webpack 5 was incorporated into build. Stylesheets, javascripts and other static resources are now processed using Webpack 5 and configuration defined in package.json. These are invoked using maven during build time and final CSS/javascript files are bundled into final midPoint JAR file.

Simple style and javascript changes can be done via maven overlay by adding content to CSS/javascript files:

  • src/main/resources/static/css/overlay.css

  • src/main/resources/static/js/overlay.js

These files are empty by default and are linked last on midPoint web pages.

For more details see GUI development guide.

Quick customization

Header color

Header color can be defined in system configuration object, part deploymentInformation/headerColor. This property can be combined with skin, however header color value will override default skin header color.

AdminLTE skins

Skins can be defined in system configuration object, part deploymentInformation/skin.

Previous versions of AdminLTE contained 12 predefined skins out of the box. Currently used version of AdminLTE 3.x doesn’t support skins, however for backward compatibility these were implemented on top of AdminLTE:

  • skin-blue

  • skin-blue-light

  • skin-yellow

  • skin-yellow-light

  • skin-green

  • skin-green-light

  • skin-purple

  • skin-purple-light

  • skin-red

  • skin-red-light

  • skin-black

  • skin-black-light

AdminLTE supports few theme colors:

  • primary

  • secondary

  • info

  • success

  • warning

  • danger

  • black

  • indigo

  • lightblue (default)

  • navy

  • purple

  • fuchsia

  • pink

  • maroon

  • orange

  • lime

  • teal

  • olive

Example of usage colored and dark/light themes

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