GUI Profile & Cache Invalidation Updates for 4.6

Last modified 04 Jul 2022 10:25 +02:00

In order to implement GUI profile recomputation on changes effectivelly (practically it’s cache invalidation, where GUI profile is cached computation from multiple sources - user, roles, system configuration) the cache invalidation mechanism needs to be extended.

Current state

Cache invalidation events are not propagated for all types - e.g. users. Cache Listeners do not have option to specify filter for types and modification events they are interested in.

Currently, CacheRegistryImpl is CacheListener and uses Cache interface to deliver invalidation events to caches.

Proposed solution

Expand Cache Invalidation and Cache Listener contract to

  • allow programatic specification of interesting invalidation events

    • e.g. object type, set of item paths, which needs to be modified in order to rise invalidation event.

    • allow this specification to override clusterwide status (in order for event to be received on all nodes)

  • provide programatic list of all enabled event filters (needed for event originator)

Introduce CacheInvalidationEventFilter or CacheInvalidationEventSpecification

The object specifies following criteria for cache invalidation events:

Object Type

If specified, listener is only interested in receiving cache invalidation events of specified type.

Set of Item Path

If specified, listener is only interested in receiving cache invalidation events, when any of item paths is modified. (Object deletion is considered modification of item path.)

Notify Added

Default false, notify if object of specified type is added.

Notify Removed

Default true, notify if object of specified type is removed.

Notify Updated

Default true, notify if object of specified type is updated.


If true, event should be delivered clusterwide - listeners are probably present also on other nodes in cluster.

Cache Listener

During registration cache listener should provide set of CacheInvalidationEventFilter, in which the listener is interested and CacheDispatcher/Invalidator should propagate if they occured.

There are two options how this could be done:

  • Expand arguments of CacheDispatcher.registerCacheListener to accept also set of CacheInvalidationEventFilter. This would require for listeners with filters to explicitly register via call, and will not work with @Component annotation.

  • Expand interface CacheListener with method Set<CacheInvalidationEventFilter> getEventFilters(), which is called during registration of CacheListener and allows to provide specification of interested events. This approach works with wiring using @Component annotation. The method will have default implementation for backwards compatibility with existing code.

Changes in Invalidator code

Current logic of Cache Invalidation events is implemented in Invalidator code. The code of invalidator should be extended in order to support filtering and enabling emitting events based on all provided CacheInvalidationEventFilter.

(Optional) Make Cache implement CacheListener

As noted before, Cache contract is indirectly CacheListener, which does not allow for current caches to specify object type or paths they are interested in.

If Cache contract extends CacheListener contract, this would allow caches to specify only set of events they are interested in.

Currently these caches implements their own simple ObjectType filtering:

  • ArchetypeManager

    • (ArchetypeType, SystemConfigurationType, ObjectTemplateType)

  • ConnectorManager

    • ConnectorType, ConnectorHostType

  • ExpressionFactory

    • FunctionLibraryType

  • NodeRegistrar

    • NodeType

  • ResourceCache

    • ResourceType

  • ScriptExpressionFactory

    • FunctionLibraryType

  • SystemConfigurationCache

    • SystemConfigurationType

CompiledGuiProfile invalidation

The most probable place for updates for CompiledGUIProfile invalidation is GuiProfiledPrincipalManagerImpl:

  • It has access to all local sessions: getLocalLoggedInPrincipals

  • It is responsible for triggering initial GUICompiledProfile generation

In this light GuiProfiledPrincipalManagerImpl will become CacheListener and will register for types which are used in profile compilation.

CompiledGUIProfile will be extended to contain list of dependencies - types and oids of objects, which were used during profile compilation.

invalidate method will walk via all logged in sessions, checked if their CompiledGuiProfile is affected by invalidation and sets invalid flag. On next access to CompiledGuiProfile the GuiProfiledPrincipalManagerImpl will recomputes profile if neccessary.

2022-06-28: Meeting Minutes

Session refresh / invalidation: - reload GUI (recompile profile) when configuration changes without need to login / logout - session close when user is disabled

Step 1: extend cache invalidation with changed item paths registration for invalidation events. This registration provides additional information

Step 2: Authorization / GUI code uses new cache listening for types and paths which affects GUI compilation.

Compiled GUI profiles are invalidated on oid, type changes from CacheInvalidation
- CompiledGUIProfile should contain list of all objects considered for GUI profile (not only objects applied, eg. all user roles)
  • ProfileManager contains list of all active CompiledGUIProfile - on cache invalidation event it walks thru all profiles and invalidates (recomputes) affected profiles

Step 3: Make cluster-wide cache invalidation asynchronous.

Lockout status task: - update lockout status

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