Understanding ApprovalSchemaExecutionInformationType

Last modified 22 Apr 2021 17:31 +02:00

This information can be obtained from workflowManager e.g. by calling getApprovalSchemaExecutionInformation (requires approval task OID).

It contains information about individual stages of approval:

  1. for the current stage and previous ones, we can provide exact information - see ApprovalStageExecutionRecordType:

    1. events related to the stage (showing decisions done and automated completion events),

    2. active work items (for current stage only),

  2. for future stages, we provide estimates - see ApprovalStageExecutionPreviewType:

    1. expectedApproverRef,

    2. expectedAutomatedOutcome,

    3. expectedCompletionReason,

    4. errorMessage (if anything went wrong during preview).


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