DOT renderer troubleshooting

Last modified 26 Oct 2021 23:50 +02:00

This feature is experimental. It means that it is not intended for production use. The feature is not finished. It is not stable. The implementation may contain bugs, the configuration may change at any moment without any warning and it may not work at all. Use at your own risk. This feature is not covered by midPoint support. In case that you are interested in supporting development of this feature, please consider purchasing midPoint Platform subscription.

MidPoint currently uses DOT graph description language to visualize configurations of resources. It generates DOT files and sends them to external DOT renderer to convert them to SVG format. Such renderers are usually part of the Graphviz package.

So, in order to make the visualization work in your case, please install Graphviz on your midPoint server and check that you can execute the following command:

$ dot

This command (with the argument of -Tsvg to provide SVG output) is used by midPoint to render DOT files as SVG pictures.


You can configure the DOT renderer by specifying the respective command in config.xml file under configuration/midpoint/dot/renderer key, like this:


The default value is dot that works well with the default installation of Graphviz.

Note that -Tsvg parameter is always appended to the command specified. The input DOT file is then sent as a standard input to the process, expecting SVG on standard output.


DOT rendering of resource configurations should work with any reasonably recent Graphviz version. It was tested with 2.38.0.

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