Shadow Caching: Design

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  • resource

  • object class

  • object type

  • attribute/association

Predefined options (scopes) for attributes and associations:

  • none

  • all

  • mapped

Other options:

  • time to live


Inbound Mappings

When cached data not present (or outdated), there are the following options:

  • fetch the data,

  • skip the mapping,

  • signal an error.

Outbound Mappings

Sometimes, we need to fetch the data even when doing outbounds: strong and weak mappings, mapping ranges. What will we do if the data is not there?

  • fetch the data,

  • signal an error.

Fetching the Shadow Internally by Provisioning Module

  • read+replace mode,

  • avoiding duplicate values?

Other / Questions

  • what about the cache after a shadow is updated?

  • potential for relative changes?

  • safeguards, like only one task allowed to read from the resource?

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