Simulation widgets configuration

Last modified 23 Jan 2023 10:46 +01:00
Example of how simulation widgets configuration could look like
    <name>My dashboard</name>
        <!-- there can be 0..* containers -->
                <!-- c:DisplayType content -->
            <!-- how widgets are places in container (horizonally or vertically) -->
                    <!-- our current dashboard widget -->
                    <!-- widget that shows metric info from simulation, extends UserInterfaceFeatureType -->
                        <!-- DisplayType content -->
                        <ref></ref> <!-- SimulationMetricReferenceType -->

                            query filter or collection definition to select one or more simulation results
                            and later metrics identified by <ref> from them
                        <collectionRef/> <!-- CollectionRefSpecificationType -->

                    <variation></variation>     <!-- similar or exact as DashboardWidgetVariationType -->

                    <components> <!-- parts of widget that we want to display -->
                    <!-- ... -->
                        <!-- more containers 0..* -->


  • <container> is also widget that can group other widgets

  • order of widgets in container matters. Otherwise we would have to use <order> element